Participation Levels for Spring 2017

Introducing a NEW way to register for the DC Bocce League this spring! We've created 3 participation levels for you to pick from in order to customize your playing experience: Joiner, Party Pro and EliteRead through what is included at each level below. After deciding on your preferred spring-season experience, click through to the registration page to select your playing location. 

NOTE: All memberships start at the Joiner level. To upgrade to the Party Pro or Elite levels, add that option to your cart prior to checking out. For help, read through the FAQ's below or send us an email to

Register for the SPRING Season 

FAQ on Participation Levels

Do I have to choose the same participation level as my teammates?

You do not have to choose the same option as your teammates. All bocce competition is included in the three plans. 

What is the end-of-season party?

It's a party at the end of the season that brings players from all of the divisions together for one epic good-time. For those that purchase the Party Pro or Elite memberships, a minimum of 2 free drinks will be guaranteed to you during the end of season party. This party is a separate event from the playoffs and the city-wide tournament. Those activities will no longer include any complimentary food or beverage items for attendees.

What is the Peroni ticket raffle?

With the DC Bocce League, you can win on and off the court - all you have to do is support our sponsors. Our official beer sponsors are Peroni and Blue Moon. For every pitcher of sponsor beer you purchase, you'll get a ticket. Write your team name on the ticket and put it in the bucket at the bar. At the end of the night, we'll raffle off gift certificates and other prizes using the tickets in the pot. The more you participate, the better your chances of winning!  At the end of the season, we'll tally up all the tickets. The top teams with the most tickets at the end of the season will win a grand prize: DC United game + all access tailgate.

What is the 'Meet the League' night??

Traditionally called a captain's meeting, Meet the League night is your chance to learn all about the DC Bocce League at the start of the season (dates TBD). This meeting is especially valuable if you've never played DC Bocce League before. At the meeting you'll have a chance to meet your league's black shirts, make a bunch of new friends, learn the rules and ask any questions you might have. Of course beer is included in this activity!

Who participates in the city-wide bocce tournament?

At the end of the season, we host a city-wide bocce tournament comprised of the winners of each division. At the end of a long day, the first place winners take home the gold championship trophy cup and maybe enjoy an ice water bath.  

What is NAKID Social Sports?

NAKID Social Sports hosts a variety of rec sports including kickball, volleyball, wiffle ball, and croquet. The $10 credit included in the Elite plan can be applied to your registration in either the DC Bocce League or NAKID summer 2017 season.  

How to Register

Step 1: Create an Account or Login

If you are new to DC Bocce League, you'll need to first create an account. If you are returning player, log into your existing account.  

Step 2: Select Playing Location

Click the division of your choosing.  

Step 3: Create a Team, Join a Team or Free Agent

You have the option to start a new team (a minimum of 5 players total are required to complete a team), join an already existing team (only join a team of people you know), or register as a free agent. All free agents will be placed on a team at the close of registration. If you want to play with a few friends but don't have enough people for a complete team, sign up as a free agent and enter your friends' names in the field provided during registration. Once we close registration, we'll add you all to the same team.   

Step 4: Determine Participation Level

Decide which participation level you'd like to join at for the spring 2017 season. The system is programmed to automatically process your registration at the Joiner level. To upgrade to the Party Pro or Elite levels, go to the Products Page and add them to your shopping cart.

Step 5: Enter Payment Information

After you've entered your payment information, you'll be fully registered for the upcoming season. Enjoy! 

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