Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the League or how to register? You've come to the right place. Start here for quick answers to all your burning bocce questions. If you can't find an answer, feel free to shoot us an email at

General Information

When can I play bocce?

DC Bocce League runs leagues all four seasons of the year. Games are played either outdoors or indoors depending on the season and playing location.

When can I sign up for bocce?

Registration opens approximately six weeks before the season begins and closes one week before games start. Refer to our registration page for specific leagues and dates.

How long does the bocce season last?

The regular season runs 6 weeks followed by 1 to 2 weeks of playoffs.

What are the rules of bocce?

See our official bocce rules page to view and download our league rules. Rules vary by location and the type of bocce played. For basic instructions on how to play, watch our video.

Is bocce super fun to play?

We think so. We hope you will too! It's one of the best things to do in DC to make new friends!

How do I learn more about DC Bocce League?

If you have any additional questions please e-mail Make sure to also sign up on our mailing list to be the first to hear about all upcoming leagues plus receive exclusive discounts on registration.

Registration Help

Who is eligible to play in DC Bocce League?

Anyone who is at least 21 years of age is eligible to play in the League. No experience is necessary and beginners are always welcome. All players must have adequate health insurance, must pay the registration fee, and must complete a waiver upon registering.

What is DC Bocce League's cancellation policy?

Any cancellations made before the close of registration will be subject to a $25 cancellation charge. Your remaining fee will be refunded to your credit card account. No refunds will be given for cancellation made after registration closes.

How many players can play on my team?

Teams must have a minimum of 6 players for outdoor bocce and 5 for bar bocce. There is no maximum and some teams have 10 or 12 players. The average is about 7. There are no gender requirements. If your team does not reach the 5 or 6 player minimum by the close of registration, players will be added to your team.

What if I don't have enough players to form a complete team?

Not a problem. You are welcome to sign up on your own or with a small group of friends. We will place you on a team before the season begins. Choose the "Individual" option when registering. If you are signing up with friends, there is a box labeled "Teammate Request" where you should write your friends' names. 

What if I have too many players to form a team?

Not a problem. You are welcome to form multiple teams and battle each other for the championship!

How do I register for bocce?

All registrations are processed via our website. First, select the membership level (and playing experience) of your choosing. More information on membership levels can be found in the next section. Next, click the link for your preferred playing location. You have the option to register by creating a team, joining a team, or signing up as an individual (to be placed on team later). If this is your first season playing bocce, you will need to create a new user account. Finally, fill out the registration form along with your payment information and hit submit. It's that easy.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee depends on the season and your membership preference level. 

Participation Levels

What are the participation levels?

Players can customize their bocce experience by selecting from 3 membership levels: Joiner, Party Pro and Elite. Each level has it's own price point and benefits associated with it.

  1. Joiner Level: includes 6 weeks of regular season games, secured spot in the playoffs, a team t-shirt, and the ability to compete for prizes in the Peroni-sponsored ticket raffle
  2. Party Pro Level: includes all the benefits of the Joiner Level and admission to the end-of-season party with FREE beer 
  3. Elite Level: includes all the benefits of the Party Pro Level plus a $10 coupon to use towards the summer season, FREE admission to the Peroni-sponsored grand prize event, and no credit card processing fee

Do I have to choose the same participation level as my teammates?

You do not have to choose the same option as your teammates. All bocce game competition is included in the Joiner membership. 

What is the end-of-season party?

It's a party at the end of the season that brings all of the divisions together for one epic good-time. For those that purchase the Party Pro or Elite membership, a minimum of 2 free drinks will be guaranteed to you during the end of season party. This party is a separate event from the playoffs, finals, and any city-wide tournament that might occur during the season. Those activities will no longer include any complimentary food or beverage items for attendees.

What is the Peroni-sponsored grand prize event?

There are 2 ways to gain access to the Peroni-sponsored grand prize event taking place at the end of every season: winning the season-long Peroni-sponsored ticket contest OR purchasing entry via your Elite membership. This event varies from season to season, but past events have included winery tours, boat cruises, and all-inclusive tickets to DC United and the Nationals.


May I choose my team's t-shirt color?

Team captains may request a t-shirt color, but color selections are not guaranteed. Your team's selection may be altered at the league's discretion. In addition, multiple teams may receive the same t-shirt color depending on availability.

May I request specific game times for my team?

Unfortunately, DC Bocce League cannot accept schedule requests.

What color bocce balls do we play with?

Most leagues play with red and green balls, but sometimes blue and yellow are available as well!

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