Bocce Couples

DC Bocce is a great way to meet that special someone. It could be for one night, one year, or forever. Check out these pictures and stories about couples who met playing bocce, and have tied the knot. Have a bocce love story? Send us an email at

Vanessa and Neal (aka VaNeal)

Vanessa and Neal first met at the captains meeting in April 2011. Vanessa was the division manager for the Capitol Hill Tuesday division, and Neal signed up to blackshirt that season. Read More

Melissa and Scott

Melissa & Scott (along with their teams) were bocce buddies since their first game back in the Summer of 2007, but didn't start dating until Summer season '09. Read More

Anne and Rich

Two words: Chuck Norris. Believe it or not, Chuck Norris was on Anne's bocce team. Chuck Norris also happened to go to college with Rich. For this, we raise a glass to Mr. Norris for being their common connection. Read More

Nancy and Ken

Nancy and Ken met playing in the Capitol Hill Wednesday division during the Spring 2008 Season. During the captains meeting Nancy became friends with the captain of Ken's team. Read More

Katie and Kevin

Katie and Kevin met when their teams played against one another in the spring 2010 season. Read More

Lauren and Mat

Lauren and Mat signed up to play bocce in the Summer of 2007. Mat signed up to win bocce games. Lauren signed up to hang out with her friends. Read More

Mehul and Liz

Mehul and Liz met during the Summer of 2008 during Flair Week. Mehul's team incorporated candy into their flair week dress. Read More

Karen and Doug

Karen and Doug met on the first day of the 2008 summer bocce season in Garfield Park. They were the first two people from their team to arrive at the park on opening day. Read More

Matt and Dani

Matt and Dani met on Capitol Hill in the Spring of 2007. Dani and her friend joined DC Bocce to meet new people. Read More

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